three hundred fifty four

Even animals
are happy that this place closed –
so, think about it.


Levelland, Texas

5 thoughts on “three hundred fifty four

    • Before it was a restaurant, the building was the office for a cotton gin. The foreground of the photo was where the cotton trailers were queued up.

      This restaurant’s out of business now, but that parking lot did get pretty full at lunch. There community college in Levelland has widely-known music programs and there was almost always a student or two or three playing music. And even though it was a BBQ place, it had excellent burgers, as I noted in my Yelp review (

    • Yes, they are sagging under the heavy burden. Although now that the building’s vacant, maybe the power’s been shut off, so at least they don’t have the weight of the electricity.

      (I hope no one thinks I was serious with that last statement. But it did remind me of a time last winter when I was eavesdropping on a couple who were discussing her new cell phone. He told her that the phone GOT LIGHTER as the battery lost power.)

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