seven hundred thirty eight

Two giant spatulas
or abandoned light fixtures:
useless either way.


Santa Rosa, New Mexico


2 thoughts on “seven hundred thirty eight

  1. It’s interesting to contemplate ways that the giant spatulas are useless. They can’t clean up all the toxic waste in the world. They would need a monster-sized bowl to stir anything, and what would they stir? If they would stir cake frosting, what oven could bake a cake that size? They’re too big to scrape off the frost on the windshield. They’re too big to scrape out the last of the yogurt from the container. They won’t fit in the thing that holds my other spatulas. You’re right: they’re really useless.

  2. Linda – this is the best comment EVER! I love the valid points you make, the way you support my verse with your own conclusion, and the fact that the comment has almost six times as many syllables as the haiku! I laughed right out loud.


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