seven hundred sixty five

Theatre marquee
lights, hiding right there in plain
sight! (Always look up.)


Clovis, New Mexico


9 thoughts on “seven hundred sixty five

      • Oooooo… Yup. Been there. I had a Nikon scholarship one year!! Great place! I work at the State Archives if you ever want a tour! Historic photos. ~~F

      • I may be coming back to Santa Fe in the fall, with a friend I met in my class at the Workshops; if that works out, I’ll be in touch about the State Archives; thanks for the invitation.

        I have another blog that’s got some photos from my New Mexico trip – – if you want to check it out.

      • Sounds good. I went to school with Low Low’s sister. That’s their shop you took a photo of. I’m already following your other site. I have been for a while!!

      • Sorry that I didn’t recognize you from the other blog – I try to keep up with my followers but haven’t been doing a very good job lately!

        Crazy that you went to school with Low Low’s sister! (The sign caught my attention because my husbands “grandpa” name is Lolo…!)

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