Music and those tight
dresses are what shoppers look
for when they come here.


Plainview, Texas


4 thoughts on “1050

  1. The owner has certainly packed them into these windows – the anonymity is striking and the eye travels through the frame and up and down the hem lines. I’ve no idea what the signage says and I’m in two minds as to whether it contributes or distracts from the main image. But this is a fantastic ‘find’, Melinda.

    • Thanks, Andy. The sign is about music that’s available at the store – a variety of it, including Mexican and Tejano. It is a little bit at odds with the window display, which is what initially caught my eye. But even with the sign and all that commotion in the window, I did drive right past it the first time. It took a couple more blocks before it started to sink in that I really did need the shot!

      (Sorry to be so long in responding…)

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