The last rotary-
dial phone was located here,
in the Dixie Dog.

032215 (2).jpg

Spur, Texas
photographed 3.14.2015


6 thoughts on “1117

  1. I always read your writings, and I’m often struck by your ability to say something interesting, in such few words, and often with a slant (it’s not just a rotary dial phone, it’s the last rotary dial phone). Other times it’s a bicycle waiting for warm weather, or turquoise blocks that your imagination has cut into sea water. Little leaps from the photographed object to whimsy. Your photos and text complement each other perfectly.

    • Thank you so much for this comment, which means a great deal to me.

      The photos here are recycled from my other blog, so the process of looking at them again to write the poems is an interesting one. There are many times that the reason I *thought* I had to make the image initially is overshadowed by something newer. Sometimes I realize that I just wasn’t paying that much attention when I made the shot, and just got lucky. But other times, I can tell that my current emotions have a huge impact on what I notice – a good lesson for me to have, I think.

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