Two of these things are
not like the others: it’s a
photo-based puzzle.

Sweeetwater, Texas
photographed 3.20.2016


2 thoughts on “1533

  1. Well …

    First, two of the bars are bent. They are not like the others.

    Second, the poem is a haiku, so two of the lines have five syllables and that is not like the other line.

    Third, if the first line of the poem is meant to mean that two things exist in some state and the second line that other things don’t exist in some state (if each of those lines is read in a self-contained way), then maybe the riddle is referring to the windows. The windows are openings that leave the space, but the openings in the bars are not.

    • When I made this photo, a little more than a year ago, I thought it was about those bars and how two of them were bent. And when I wrote the haiku, a few days before it posted, I still thought that. And then, when I posted the whole thing on Instagram, it suddenly occurred to me that the photo was actually about the windows in the back of the scene.

      So, with all that going on, it was quite interesting that you specifically mentioned the windows…

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