What could Mirror Maze
offer that is better than
the building’s façade?

San Antonio, Texas
photographed 5.18.2016


11 thoughts on “1593

    • What in the world are you going to be doing in College Station?! I went to college there (a long time ago). I won’t be there next week, though. The Texas Photographic Society’s International Show is up on campus, at the J. Wayne Stark Galleries, if you’ve got time to stop by. (I only mention it for completely self-serving reasons: I’ve got a photo in the show!)

      Are you going anywhere else in Texas?

      • There is an annual firefighters exhibition called TEEX at Texas A&M. This is my first time to College Station so don’t know what to expect. I am free Saturday so I will definitely try to go and see your work. that will be kind of surreal. Having said that, if the weather is as forecast, I may drive over to San Antonio instead. I fly into Dallas and will be there Thursday, then drive down for the exhibition, and on Monday drive on to Houston to catch another flight to Charlotte!

      • It’ll be hot and humid – you can pretty much count on that! I don’t know enough about the place anymore to give you recommendations on anything, but the bar where I spend the better part of my first year there is still around – the Dixie Chicken.

        I hope you can get to the show. My friends Ashton Thornhill and George Nobechi are also in it.

        Enjoy Texas!

      • I was in Fort Worth 3 weeks ago so know what to expect regards the weather! Just hope the sun is shining as I like that for my photography. I will. Check out the bar hopefully. I am with others so depends on them as well. I will also look out for your friend’s photos.

      • Do you ever get to Lubbock? (That’s where I am.) I still believe our paths WILL cross one of these days – look at how much practice we’ve had with *nearly* crossing!

      • My travel is fairly random but our garment partner has just appointed a new distributor in Texas so it is a possibility. Of course I’ll let you know if I plan to visit Lubbock! I noticed you visited Moreton in the marsh when you were over here. I go there regularly because the Fire Service College is there.

      • Yes, we were in Moreton-in-the_Marsh for part of a day; we stayed 4 nights in a cottage in Stow-on-the-Wold. It was such a nice time.

        Please let me know when you’ll be back in Texas. (If it’s easier, you can always email me at melindagharvey@gmail.com.)

        Enjoy your stay in College Station.

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