I do not have one
single theory about why
a Menorah’s here.

Levelland, Texas
photographed 4.29.2018

5 thoughts on “2257

    • Damn it. I had to go and ask.

      (This was made a year ago, when the place was, well, I still don’t know. Now it’s turned into one of those quasi-legal game rooms. I imagine the menorah is not around any more.)

      • Where exactly was it taken? I am from that area and go home quite often. I can try and find out more. I am sure that there is a simple explanation for this. There’s a mixture of people there, including those who would celebrate using one of those.

      • It was in an old restaurant across the street from City Hall. This picture’s a year old; now the place is a game room. But let me know if you find out anything. (I live in Lubbock, and work in Levelland.)

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