The rhythmic, painted
fences somehow gave alley
a formal feeling.

Dallas, Texas
photographed 4.14.2018

10 thoughts on “2269

      • I will post one, probably pretty soon, that had me working for hours to achieve just the right balance of “is there anything there at all or is it horribly overdone?” I almost never use The Nik filters, even though I own them, I just use the basic tools in DxO PhotoLab and Photoshop. Mostly fine-tuning the histogram in selected parts of the image and varying degrees of selective sharpening and blurring. I very often, but not always, have a definite vision of where I’m going before I start. Sometimes I just experiment and see what happens.

      • I generally have a fairly precise idea of what I’m after, too. That’s come with increased skills in capturing the image in the first place and a better understanding of what I can get out of the software.

        I almost never crop, which is a holdover from my college photography prof, who didn’t let us crop. Even now, all these years later, cropping seems like admitting that I didn’t get the image captured correctly in camera. And on the infrequent times when I do crop, I maintain the original aspect ratio. I realize that I am the ONLY person in the whole world who cares, but apparently I care enough for all of us. (Pro tip: square images are nearly always from my phone.)

    • My across-the-hall neighbor at work told me about this place in Dallas, where apparently graffiti may not be actively encouraged, but it’s not discouraged, either; it was our first stop on a quick trip over there last year.

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