The appropriate
footwear: snake boots. What I wore:
my black Chuck Taylors.

House, New Mexico
photographed 5.25.2019

8 thoughts on “2705

      • I often dictate into my iPad. The results can be hilarious, sometimes horrifying. I once sent an email to a photographer with whom I wanted to do a workshop. I had never met the person before. I said that that particular location had always been on my bucket list. I sure wish I’d proofread it because the keyword started with a different continent. Consonant. See? Siriously, Apple’s voice recognition is not ready for prime time.

      • My good friend (and excellent photographer) Brett Erickson and I were texting the other night about the very same issue. He has a great story about meaning to text someone “we should meet sometime” only “meet” became…well, you can figure it out.

      • “fuck” – his message said “we should fuck sometime.” At least that’s his story, and he’s told it to me a couple of times, so he’s clearly sticking with it…

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